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Quitgate began with one fundamental principle in mind:  to help smokers stop smoking cigarettes through smoking cessation initiatives. The whole anti-tobacco idea was conceived some years ago when the Company’s founder, Emmanuel Odiase, suffered a profound and heart-breaking loss, which led him to finding his true inspiration and focus in helping others gain control of their lives and choose healthy habits over ones that could very well end in devastation and a loss of life. What started out as a tragic loss turned into leading a positive charge in changing the lives of millions of individuals who want to cease using tobacco products.

Growing up, Emmanuel lost his maternal uncle who had smoked cigarettes for more than 4 decades to lung cancer. This tragic event deeply impacted him and inspired action, even as a little child. It was then and there that Emmanuel decided to devote his life to help spare others from the suffering and disastrous effects of smoking through smoking cessation.

Looking back in 2007, when a smoke-free initiative was launched as an advocacy and education effort to garner public support towards tobacco control laws and to help prevent tobacco use in young people, Emmanuel took full advantage of this opportunity to propel his anti-tobacco beliefs and first-hand knowledge about the grief of tobacco usage at more than 30 international meetings and conferences.  By carrying out projects to help educate people on the dangers of smoking and using tobacco products, he was able to participate in fellowships and make presentations at conferences that spanned over 20 countries in five continents. Throughout the years, Emmanuel has received numerous awards, with local, national and international media recognition, including Time magazine.

In a bid to continue his legacy of public service and free people from the burden of tobacco, Emmanuel launched Quitgate to serve as a platform that combines quit smoking aid, on-going support, several other tools and exceptional customer service to help people stop smoking cigarettes for good. Quitgate has awoken to the global tobacco epidemic and passionate about making a change.

The Company is determined to take one small child’s heartbreak and turn it into a positive force; one that is certain to impact all walks of life for many generations to come.