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At last, the long awaited revolution in smoking cessation is here. We have combined quit smoking help, sucess stories, low prices, smoking cessation products, social support, free shipping and stellar customer service to inspire your decision to quit smoking .

Quitgate is not just another online store, our passion for life and wellbeing has inspired us to provide a one-stop shop for smoking cessation ONLY. This is where New Begins. We are focused ONLY on you. Our customer service is tailored to give you all the quit smoking help you need from product information, ordering and shipping. Whether you are a one-pack-a-day smoker or a light smoker, we can help you quit smoking naturally. Even if your smoking habit has spanned up to four decades and you have tried all smoking cessation products and you do not know what else to do, just talk to one of our SmokeFree Team Specialists by calling our Customer Service number 1844 QUITGATE (1 844 784 8428) and you will be sure to get the right quit smoking help and stop smoking aids product meant for you.

As an aspiring stop smoking aids online retail leader, takes pride in offering the best and largest selection of products to help smoker stop smoking cigarettes coupled with friendly and non-judgmental quit smoking help. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We realize that each person is different and our evidence-based counseling and large product selection are tailored to meet all individual needs. It also allows us to create achievable goals based on your lifestyle and physicality.  At, we employ best practices to identify your issues easily and effectively.

Ready to stop smoking cigarettes now? Let us help. Congratulations on your decision, you are on your journey to quit smoking for good! celebrates you.